Monday, June 23, 2014

Yin-Ping Wang 王尹平 178cm

Ying-Ping Wang is known for (王尹平) her E cup plump breast and long legs in Taiwan. Her body measurement is 34-25-35, 178cm tall (5'10) and 53kg in weight. Wang majored in traditional music in college, and began her modeling career a year before graduating from college. However, not until her regular appearances on TV shows had Ying-Ping Wang become a celebrity in Taiwan. 

Because her tall stature and her habit of wearing high heels when joining TV shows, she is often asked to literally have a height comparison with other guests who is likely to be particularly short, which results in some of funny-looking height difference scenes.

Ying Ping Wang with other entertainers on a Taiwanese TV show

Her E cup breast draws lots of attention also

Some recent video clips


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