Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chi-Ling Lin 林志玲 175cm

Chi-Ling Lin (林志玲) is arguably the most established fashion model thus far in Taiwan. She attended University of Toronto and completed her double major in Western art history and economics in 1997. In her early career, she was mainly a fashion model for a living. In 2004, as public exposure increased, her popularity skyrocketed in Taiwan due to her extraordinarily charming figure and sweet personality, and her 175cm stature often made her stand out in groups of celebrities, which deepened people's impression of 'the Goddess Chi-Ling'. Thereafter, she has been to Japan and Mainland China to pursue her TV and movie careers, and become a highly well known celebrity across numerous Asian countries. In 2011, she found a charity to help children welfare. Just a fabulous lady overall.

Chiling Lin with 158cm Dee Hsu, who was standing on a
box in an attempt to make up their height difference

With famous singer Jolin Tsai

Gangam style!

Video of the show in which the 'cover photo' was made

And here is a link to official website of the charity found by Chiling Lin

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