Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Zilin Zhang 張梓琳 182cm (UPDATED)

Zilin Zhang (張梓琳) was the winners of both Miss China and Miss World in 2007. No Asian had ever been crowned Miss World before her. In school, Zilin Zhang was a good student and also a great athlete, who excelled in hurdle and triple jump. Competing in a high level sport surely contributed to her fit figure. Combined with her height and an beautiful yet amiable face, it's by no mean a coincidence that she won those beauty contests. 

She is very tall (182cm = 6') for a female even by the Western world standard. In the popular China-based forum 'Tianya', there was a thread discussing about how Zilin Zhang always outshines other beauties in group photos. Her towering height may be a decisive factor of that, in additional to her gorgeous face. 

Zilin Zhang in New York

The woman on the left is 179cm tall.
She usually towers over other women, but not this time.

You can follow her microblog: http://weibo.com/zhangzilin

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