Friday, June 20, 2014

Megumi Kurihara 栗原恵 187cm

Megumi Kurihara (栗原恵) was a member of the Japanese national women volleyball team. She was already 176cm tall when she's in 1st grade in junior high (or 7th grade in America and some countries?), and afterwards continued to grow to 187cm tall. For your information, the average height of Japanese females is 158cm, so on most occasions Megumi looks like a giant off volleyball court in Japan. Sadly she has not been as active in the last few year due to her knee injury.

The tall female standing next to Megumi is
Motoko Obayashi (大林素子), who is 182cm tall.
Megumi was not on heels though (obviously).

The other volleyball player in this photo is
Kimura Saori (木村沙織), who is 185cm tall.

More photos to be added...

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